Saturday, April 17, 2010

Funky Pretty Jewelry

It seems fitting to include in a review of Funky Pretty Jewelry some information about the paintings of Andrew Wyeth. Many of those paintings, like the pieces offered by Funky Pretty Jewelry, were made in the state of Maine. The names of many of Wyeth’s paintings, like the names of the Funky lines of jewelry, reflected their association with Maine.

Funky Pretty Jewelry

Funky Pretty Jewelry has both a “Seascapes” and a “Mother of Pearl” line of jewelry. Their selection of those names indicates the extent to which their jewelry aids the recall of both the flora and fauna of the beach. In fact, the frosted glass on some of the Funky Pretty jewelry resembles the misty nature of the ocean spray.

Andrew Wyeth liked to include some of the patterns and qualities of the sea in his paintings. In 1938, Wyeth created a work that he named Shoreline. In that painting he showed the kelp, barnacles, rocks and mussels on one of Maine’s rugged coasts.

A number of Wyeth’s paintings seem to hint at the sort of features that would later appear in the Funky Pretty Jewelry coming from Maine. In 1950 Wyeth painted a very simple dory. He named his painting Spindrift. That painting shows a feathery swish of water touching an old vessel. Wyeth used his brush to re-create the reflections of the rippling water on that dory.

Another of Wyeth’s paintings might be more like the items in the “Mother of Pearl” line. That name represents a very colorful line of jewelry. In 1962 Wyeth captured the look of lime in the Maine sandbanks. Wyeth had seen those lime banks under the moonlight.

Funky Pretty Seascapes Jewelry

Lime is but one of the many colors in the “Mother of Pearl” line of jewelry. That line is all about color. It is interesting that the “Mother of Pearl” line is the second line coming from Funky Pretty Jewelry. Andrew Wyeth used more color in his later paintings. He became a bolder painter; he even produced some nude paintings.

Did Andrew Wyeth ever wear jewelry? Yes, there was one piece of jewelry that he wore almost all the time. It was a chain. On that chain Wyeth had a fountain pen. Peter Hurd, a family friend had given a fountain pen to young teen named Andrew Wyeth. Wyeth had received that gift before he had gained recognition as a painter.

Wyeth wore that chain when he was photographed for the cover of American Artist. Later, Wyeth made a statement that could pertain to many artists and craftsmen. That statement comes close to reflecting the nature of the pieces made and sold by Funky Pretty Jewelry.

Funky Pretty Bracelets

Here is what Wyeth said:
“You know powerful things are sometimes very slight. The explosion is very delicate.”

The delicate jewelry pieces created by Funky Pretty jewelry now seem poised to explode onto the larger jewelry industry. At first, those same funky jewelry pieces looked pretty, but powerless. Now jewelry experts might well be forced to re-examine their initial assessment of Funky Pretty jewelry.

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