Monday, December 30, 2013

Skull Jewelry

The human skull carries with it many meanings. The modern interpretation of it is as a symbol of mortality and death. However, in other cultures, the meaning is different. No matter the interpretation desired, our collection of skull jewelry offers a number of pieces from which to select. You can find skulls on rings, watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. Much of this collection comes in sterling silver. However, there are pieces made from white and yellow gold as well.

You can find a piece of skull jewelry to add to your collection today. Whether you like the antique silver favored in Gothic jewelry or the polished gold of a beautiful pendant, you can a personal piece or gift choice today. This collection brings together all the items in our collection that shows the skull in all of its glory. Which one of these pieces will you bring home with you today?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Should Men Wear Toe Rings in the Winter?

There are many form of self-expression. In addition, there are many forms of creativity. Many people enjoy writing poetry and painting as ways of expressing their creativity. In addition, many people enjoy baking cookies and doing scientific experiments as ways of expressing their creativity. Moreover, simple ways of self-expression involve wearing clothes and accessorizes. In fact, it might be the case that wearing fashion and jewelry is the easiest form of self-expression.
Should Men Wear Toe Rings
Many men and women love wearing rings, earrings, pins, and necklaces. Plus, in the 1990s and the current decade, toe rings have become popular. It seems to be the case that women love wearing toe rings in the summer with sandals. Toe rings are perfect for wearing at the beach. In addition, they will highlight women’s painted toenails. Now we know that women wear toe rings. However, there is a question that needs to be asked and answered. The question is should men wear rings. Another question that needs to be asked and answered is should men wear toe rings in the winter. Let’s discuss toe rings.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Funky Pretty Jewelry

It seems fitting to include in a review of Funky Pretty Jewelry some information about the paintings of Andrew Wyeth. Many of those paintings, like the pieces offered by Funky Pretty Jewelry, were made in the state of Maine. The names of many of Wyeth’s paintings, like the names of the Funky lines of jewelry, reflected their association with Maine.

Funky Pretty Jewelry

Funky Pretty Jewelry has both a “Seascapes” and a “Mother of Pearl” line of jewelry. Their selection of those names indicates the extent to which their jewelry aids the recall of both the flora and fauna of the beach. In fact, the frosted glass on some of the Funky Pretty jewelry resembles the misty nature of the ocean spray.

Andrew Wyeth liked to include some of the patterns and qualities of the sea in his paintings. In 1938, Wyeth created a work that he named Shoreline. In that painting he showed the kelp, barnacles, rocks and mussels on one of Maine’s rugged coasts.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

All That You Wanted To Know About Non Adjustable Toe Rings

Non adjustable toe rings have caught the fancy of women, young and old alike in an unprecedented manner. Women of all age groups seem to like them. One of the reasons for the popularity of non adjustable toe rings lies in the fact that they are all said and done, unique pieces of jewelry. In fact till recent times, they were literally unheard off and were popular only a few countries, particularly in India. Things have changed for the better now. More and more women, in several countries are finding them attractive fashion accessories these days. Jewelry designers too are coming out with more and more designs these days.

Non Adjustable Toe Rings

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Non adjustable toe rings are a favorite with womenfolk these days. They seem to be ruling the roost as far as fashion for the feet is concerned these days. Jewelry designers seem to be working overtime these days to come out with outstanding designs as far as non adjustable toe rings go. One reason for many people opting for them lies in the fact that they are very stylish and at the same time comfortable enough for wearing. You can wear them even if you are wearing closed sandals or shoes. In fact people are so fond of them that there are many instances where women claim to have to not remove them for months together. Such is the impact of non adjustable toe rings.

These non adjustable toe rings are actually small circular bands that are worn around the toe. One of the reasons for their popularity lies in the fact that these are unique pieces of jewelry. This apart they are also inexpensive when compared to other pieces of jewelry. They are usually worn on the second toe by many women. They are in fact considered sacred jewelry accessories in countries such as India, where only married women are supposed to wear them. These days though a lot of other countries too have adopted toe rings. They seem to be popular cutting across all age groups.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Unique Designs in Silver Toe Rings

Feet may be one of the extremely coveted parts on a female body, where women spend so much on pedicures and shoes. Silver toe rings may be in fashion these days but it has been in a lot of cultures symbolizing sexual activity and marital status. These toe rings with a pedicure and slick heel can completely change your look from dull to classy. Gold and Silver toe rings are made flexible enough to bend according to your toe position without any sharp edges to avoid from any cuts and bruises in your feet. They are comfortable to wear and the right size will not let you worry about the toe ring to come out of your toe.

Silver Toe Ring

The trend of toe rings basically started from India, where women were supposed to wear it as a symbol of married status called “bichiya” or in other cultures it symbolizes acceptance in to another tribe. Before the patterns on gold or silver toe rings used to be complex, but now they are available in styles that are more elegant and modern for women of these days. Toe rings can be made of any metal but usually women prefer and like silver toe rings as they can go with any outfit. This fashion for western women may be new and now very popular, as women prefer wearing silver toe rings every time they get a chance to run barefoot or show off their feet in heels or shoes with open straps. Feet might be the last spot people notice but my observation tells that many people gaze at other people’s feet to judge their personality. Imagine a pedicure feet, with elegant shoes or heels with a toe ring would give out a perfect impression.

Basically a toe ring is supposed to be of small circumference with a cuff style instead of a full circumference to fit in to any toe. Silver toe rings are flexible in nature and have absolutely no sharp edges to avoid any cuts and bruises on your toes. Generally they are safe to wear allowing you not to worry about any cuts or marks on your toes. They come in circular shape to adjust comfortably and easily on your toes.

The styles and patterns Gold and Silver toe rings are obtainable in are uncountable due to the popularity of this jewelry. Select a gemstone toe ring to match it with your pretty outfit, skirt or bathing suit. Silver toe rings with semi-precious stones engraved, inlays, solid silver toe rings, enameled painted, colorful jeweled, texts, beaded silver toe rings and unique patterns. Designs with flowers, crystals, and Bali and ocean themes are also available in the vast collection of toe rings. A lot of online jewelry shops offer more than 925 sterling silver toe rings in their collection, a wide variety for you to choose from. Apart from all the large compilation of toe rings, the prices and discounts given on these toe rings are mind blowing starting from $3.

So don’t miss an awesome offer like that and visit an online jewelry store now to dazzle up your look with silver toe rings. Custom toe rings and thumb rings offered by websites like Tropical Toes, Toe rings, Best Foot, Foot Candy and many more. You can check your toe size from a toe measuring tool. According to the measurement you can order a perfect fit for yourself. Toe Rings UK offer a secure server for you to place an order keeping you personal information confidential.